Where: Weaver Lake Elementary School – Media Center, 15900 Weaver Lake Rd. Maple Grove, MN
Time:  6:30pm – 8:30pm

OASIS (Osseo Area Source of Information and Support) program is open to all parents, caregivers, and staff.  Presentation from 6:30-8:30pm.

Speakers and topics are subject to change.  Certificate of Attendance will be provided for those seeking continuing education hours.

Sponsors: PrairieCare, Weaver Lake Elementary School, ISD 279 Dept. of Social Work, The 279 Foundation,  and District 279 Community Education.

For any questions please contact Marilyn Galloway

Tuesday, September 20th

Presenter: Ellie Covin, PsyD, LP – Psychology Consultation Specialists
Title: ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

This workshop was designed to help parents better understand ADHD and how to best help their children to be successful at home, in school, and in the community.  The following topics will be addressed: What is ADHD?  What are Executive Functions?  Research – valid treatment and interventions, and ADHD and social interactions.

Tuesday, October 11th

Presenter: Mary Theresa Schmitz, MSW, LICSW  – Elk River Area Schools
Title: Mindfulness at Home: An Introduction

Mindfulness, intentionally bringing awareness to the current moment, has been receiving a lot of attention as of late. Mary T. Schmitz, LICSW, & Mindful Education Specialist for Elk River Area Schools will help parents understand what Mindfulness is and why it makes sense to practice Mindfulness at home.  By considering current neuroscience research as well as what we know about how children learn along with noticing what often interrupts that process, namely emotion dysregulation and lack of focus, Schmitz will share how Mindfulness may be an anecdote.  Additionally, Mary T. will create fun, safe space for parents to learn some Mindfulness Practices for self-care.

Tuesday, November 1st

Presenter: Lora Matz, LICSW- PrairieCare
Title: Understanding the Anxious Brain in Childhood

Anxiety is one of the number one mental health challenges facing children and adolescents today.  It is helpful to understand the signs of anxiety in children, how anxiety works and how it can become self-reinforcing and debilitating without intervention both at home and when it is necessary to seek professional help.  In this session you will learn about anxiety in children and the development of skills that are necessary to help buffer a child’s anxiety, build self-confidence and self-esteem as well as help to sooth the anxious brain.

Tuesday, December 13th

Presenter: Samantha Moe, MA, SLP – Mad 2 Glad
Title: 8 Pillars of Parenting for Peace at Home: How to stop the fighting, yelling, and frustration

Are you stressed out and exhausted? Tired of your child’s poor listening, lack of self-control and defiant behavior? Discover why your child pushes your limits, tries to control everything, and how you can transform your home into an enjoyable space rather than a war zone.

Tuesday, January 17th

Presenter: Marc Markell, PhD – St. Cloud State University
Title: Grief

Marc is a professor of special education at St. Cloud State University. He will be discussing how the grief is not only experienced after the death of a significant person, but also as a result of emotional, cognitive and behavioral challenges. This presentation will address grief reactions and grief myths.

Tuesday, February 21st

Presenter: Anna Bohlinger, PhD, LMFT – PrairieCare
Title: See, Speak, Seek: Noticing and Helping Kids and Teens with Depression

About 11% of children and teenagers experience depression each year (National Institutes on Mental Health, 2014). In this presentation, participants will learn about signs of depression, ways to talk with their children and others about it, and ways to help kids in their communities get help and feel better.

Tuesday, March 21st *** CANCELLED due to speaker cancellation ***

Presenter: Jennifer Riziq, MA, LP, RPT-S – Healing the Soul Psychotherapy
Title: Out of the Toy Box: Organic Sensory Play and Interventions to resolve internal stress and complex PTSD

A new approach and lens for understanding and reacting to behavioral problems and disorders for parents and providers. Understand how stress and trauma gets stored in the body. Learn new ways of looking at it as well as ways to more effectively intervene. This new approach will give parents and providers tools to aide in regulating internal levels of arousal and help children develop the necessary affect regulation skills to move into a state of increased organization and regulation.

Tuesday, April 11th

Presenter: Janet Benz, RN, FCN of the Christopher Benz Foundation
Title: QPR – Question, Persuade, Refer – Suicide Prevention Training

Ask a question – Save a Life!
QPR is a suicide prevention training program that stands for ‘Question, Persuade and Refer’. You will learn
three simple steps that can help save a life of a family, friend or community member from suicide.

Tuesday, May 9th

Presenter: Gary Johnson, PhD, LP, LMFT
Title: Technology and our Youth

Course description coming soon.