Jane_Reilly_LargeChief Psychotherapy Officer

Jane Reilly, MS, LICSW is an educator, researcher, integrative psychotherapist and culinary artist. She received her M.S. in Social Work from Columbia University in New York and earned The Grand Diplome de Cuisine from La Varenne Ecole de Cuisine in Paris.  Much of her work since the early 2000’s has focused on working with refugee children/adults and communities that have experienced war trauma. Her early work as a chef provides a unique perspective in the services she currently provides to individuals with chronic health/mental health problems.  She integrates mind-body and nutritional approaches into her psychotherapy practice in the treatment of trauma, (PTSD) anxiety and depression.

Jane serves as the Principal Investigator and co-director of  a year-long program, Minimizing Trauma and Building Resiliency that utilized a mind-body skills model developed for a group of children ranging in age from 5-16 who were in a school bus on the I-35 bridge on August 1, 2007, when it collapsed into the Mississippi River in Minneapolis.  Following that project, Jane was employed by the Center for Victims of Torture International, working in remote war torn villages in the Democratic Republique of the Congo training local individuals with the support of community leaders to provide peer mental health counseling for individuals returning to their villages from refugee camps in Zambia. After returning from Africa, Jane worked with North Memorial Medical Center Department of Psychiatry & Integrative Care to develop a Partial Psychiatric Hospitalization Program where she served as their lead clinician.