Sam CiresiSam Ciresi

Chief Information Officer

Sam has worked in the field of technology in various capacities for well over 15 years. His first “career” job was working on a help desk that supported thousands of restaurants and hotels point of sales systems. He quickly moved into management to run and develop a National Service Center. From there Sam went back to school for IT Management where he learned in-depth networking, security, storage, and business skills and understanding. During his time in school he began working for a large retail organization where he spent time refining process and systems for Desktop Services and IT Operations for a number of years. Over six years ago, Sam entered the behavioral health space in a role leading Information Technology for an eating disorder treatment facility with a national program. He was involved with major systems scoping and implementation including EHR (Avatar), IT infrastructure, Data Management, and building a Support Team to take care of our systems and staff. Sam quickly learned that he has a passion for working within the behavioral health space and is excited to carry that passion to PrairieCare.

Sam has a firm, but simple, belief that technology should be an enabler of the business, not a barrier. There are so many ways that we can use technology to deliver better business outcomes and patient care, but if done incorrectly it will cause issues for patients and staff alike. This is either through simple to use tools, approachable data, or reliable support staff. To understand how to better use technology and digital tools in a business he believes you really need to know how it is used and what the relationship is between process, data, and tech. Sam’s approach is simple – get out and understand how it is used today and help develop tools and solutions that support and meet people where they are. Have a conversation about it, talk to people. You can learn more about people’s workflows and issues in a few short minutes in person than you will learn in 2 weeks of emailing back and forth.

Sam feels great pride in parenting three daughters. We all love camping, downhill skiing, being with family, good food, and great friends. He loves seeing live music with my partner and best friend.