Patient Advocate

If you are a patient and/or family member that has questions or concerns within the PrairieCare system, our Patient Advocate serves as a centralized resource for you to reach out via the link below.

The PrairieCare Patient Advocate works closely with leadership to enhance the patient experience, while responding promptly and confidentially to provide feedback and or resolution to concerns. This process of review, documentation, and follow up complies with state guidelines.

We value your feedback and strive to work towards resolving any issues that may have occurred during your time at PrairieCare. We take great pride in delivering optimal treatment and enhancing the patient experience by following our mission, to provide every individual the psychiatric care they need.

Contact Us

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at 612-274-7500 or at


PrairieCare Patient and Family Forum Group:

The PrairieCare Family Forum is a partnership with families and caregivers that will provide insight and guidance from their time at PrairieCare, as well as perspective on how we can improve the patient and family experience. Families and caregivers are invited to be a serving member on this committee to ensure the patient/family point of view, perspective and experience are not only heard, but also used as a tool to integrate services, processes, and overall experience components to develop quality improvements that are focused and driven by the patients and families we serve and care for. Their perspective shines a unique view and allows us to see and feel how their time with us impacts the quality of care, treatment, interactions, and outcomes for the patient and their families.

When we openly engage with family’s, we improve the patient experience and promote quality care. By including the voice of patients and families, we gain perspective on how it feels to be the one receiving care. This valuable collaboration is a powerful tool that will help us identify opportunities for improving the patient experience that is driven by the families we serve.

How to Join

If this is something that you are interested in being a part of, we encourage you to please complete this form.

Click Here to Complete The Form

Patient Family Forum Form

What to Expect

As we continue to expand patient and family experiences in mental healthcare, it is vital to have families with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We ask that members take the opportunity to:

  •  Share your experience at PrairieCare
  • Share insight and listen in an objective way
  • Listen and reflect on differing points of view
  • Work collaboratively with all members
  • Maintain confidentiality and avoid using staff and patient names
  • Encourage positive change to PrairieCare and the community that it serves
Membership Expectations
  • Meetings will occur regularly (The exact sequence will need to be determined ie: first Monday of every quarter.)
  • Meetings are held at the Brooklyn Park hospital and will be in person, however we will provide opportunity to join on the web if needed.
  • Make sure to check your email for updates, changes, and general correspondence.
  • Please contact the Family Forum group leader if you will be absent from the scheduled meeting.
  • We encourage cell phones and other devices to be placed on silent mode. We understand urgent needs can arise and we ask that you step out if you need to take a call.
  • Stay focused on the topic. Remember this group is created to represent all families, and we ask that instead of focusing on negative comments, try to use constructive feedback and or provide a positive suggestion or solution.