Adult IOP Now Offered in Brooklyn Park

Dec 05, 2017 by Nicole Cole, LPCC

By: Nicole Cole, LPCC and Rachel Dalton, LGSW

The Brooklyn Park Medical Office Building (BPMOB) Adult Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is one of the newest adult programs within PrairieCare Medical Group.  Currently, MOB Adult IOP offers a morning track and an afternoon track.  BPMOB adult IOP is typically a 6-8 week program in duration, 5 days a week and patients are in programming for 3 hours a day.

Intensive Outpatient Programming is either a step-down program from inpatient treatment or from partial hospitalization programming.  An IOP level of care can also be utilized as a preventative step to avoiding a potential hospitalization.  Located just off of Hwy 610 the Brooklyn Park Medical Office Building (BPMOB) site is well positioned to serve individuals in the north and northwest metro who are struggling with mental health concerns.

The BPMOB adult IOP has three major components:

  • Psychiatry, currently lead by Dr. Rena Sugarbaker, who meets with patients during program hours, at least once per week.
  • Process group, which is essentially group therapy, is facilitated by Nicole Cole, LPCC and Kristi Brown, LMFT at MOB. Process group allow patients to work through difficult emotions and feelings in a safe, comforting, and supportive environment.
  • Psych-Education, is always facilitated by a social worker, currently Rachel Dalton, LGSW and Hodan Hassan, LGSW. Psych-education is a structured, topic-based group that helps patient’s develop skills and coping strategies that they can add to their “tool-kit” they use to cope while they are in our program, but, more importantly, the use of these skills after they complete the program. Some current psych-education topics include: healthy boundaries, cognitive distortions, defense mechanisms, and sleep hygiene to name a few!

A few common questions that patients have about the program:

How do I get into BPMOB’s IOP?
Like our other PrairieCare locations and programs the BPMOB offers Free Needs Assessments to help identify the mental health treatment approach that will best meet the needs of each patient.  Scheduling a Free Needs Assessment is the first step to determining if the BPMOB IOP is a fit for you.

Can I still see my current therapist?
If the patient feels it is important to continue working with their current therapist, the patient is encouraged to check with their insurance company to make sure it covered while in IOP, but yes the patient can see their current therapist while in the program.

Is the program covered by insurance?
Most insurance plans do cover part of the program but it is up to the patient to understand their insurance coverage.

Will the IOP team help me with time off of work?
Yes, the Program Social Worker will assist in filling out FMLA paperwork with the patient.

How big are the groups?
Generally 8-9 patients are in a group.

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