Aromatherapy, supplements, videos, books -PrairieCare Medical Group to offer retail store in Chaska to ensure you are getting quality products By: Tim Culbert, MD

Dec 07, 2015 by Timothy P. Culbert, MD, FAAP

According to the New York City Attorney General’s office up to 80% of vitamins and supplements on the US market may not contain the ingredients indicated on the label.   Even more concerning is that some products contain unhealthy toxins or other unlisted ingredients that could actually be harmful.

PrairieCare and PrairieCare Medical Group seek to offer individualized care to all of our patients.  We understand that this often times can include the use of complimentary tools for improving mental health and coping skills.  Knowing that not all products are what they seem, we took great care in cultivating retail offerings that we recommend for use. PrairieCare Medical Group in Chaska will open a small retail department in our Chaska site offering these products.  Our physician-led clinical staff has taken great care to ensure that the products we offer for sale have been thoroughly researched and are, to the best of our knowledge, amongst the highest quality products available.  Our clinicians also strive to identify products that come in forms easily consumed by kids/teens (i.e., nicely flavored chewable tablets and liquids) and adults (i.e., tablets or capsules with minimal after-taste or gastrointestinal distress).

Our primary motivators are to offer products to patients at that are of top quality at prices that were below their typical retail cost.  Each individual patient should have access to the psychiatric care they truly need.  So stay tuned to our Chaska site for updates on the product offerings!

We do ALWAYS RECOMMEND THAT PATIENTS CHECK WITH THEIR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER (OR THEIR CHILD’S HEALTHCARE PROVIDER) BEFORE ADDING ANY NEW THERAPY TO THEIR OWN (OR THEIR CHILD’S) TREATMENT REGIMEN.  If a patient receives care here, we will always encourage them to discuss use of all vitamins, supplements, etc. with clinicians here; of note –information regarding what items people purchase is not shared directly with any PrairieCare Medical Group clinicians.

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