Lindsey Nixa, RN

Operations Director

Lindsey Nixa, RN, received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Winona State University in 2007. Following graduation, Lindsey worked at Mayo Clinic in the inpatient psychiatric unit at Saint Marys Hospital. In the inpatient setting, Lindsey worked with kids of all ages, serving various roles in the patients’ care, as nurses were tasked with running the programming and groups, as well as taking care of their individual assignment. Lindsey would be assigned to children with a wide assortment of conditions, but frequently was assigned patients in the eating disorder group.

Lindsey joined PrairieCare Medical Group in Rochester, MN, in 2014. Starting out as a nurse, she transitioned to the Lead Nurse and Operation Manager role over the following years, and in 2021 was named the Operation Director of PrairieCare Medical Group Southern MN.

In this new role, she brings over a decade of experience working within and managing child and adolescent psychiatric programs, helping design the existing PHP programs, and assisting in the optimization of the new building that opened in 2019. Lindsey will continue to focus on the programs, spaces, and building, as well as community relations to advance PrairieCare’s role in the community, all while bringing a collaborative-approach to the PrairieCare team.