Anastasia_Sullwold_Ristau_LargeAnastasia Sullwold Ristau, PhD, LP

Licensed Psychologist
Clinical Supervisor, After School Intensive Outpatient Programs


Post-Doctoral Training and Fellowship: Children’s Mercy Hospital, Missouri
Doctoral Training:
Auburn University, Alabama
Master’s Degree:
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Bachelor’s Degree: College of St. Beneedict, Minnesota
Licensure: Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Anastasia Sullwold Ristau holds expertise in pediatric/clinical psychology and has been licensed as a psychologist in Minnesota since 2004. Dr. Ristau partners with families, mental health professionals and other relevant persons with emphasis upon evidence based interventions designed to strengthen mental and physical health. She is passionate about facilitating experiences that provide safe and comfortable stomping grounds ripe for interpersonal growth and support. Strengthening the mind, body, and soul collectively is a primary focus.


As clinical supervisor of the After-School Intensive Outpatient Programs with PrairieCare Medical Group, Dr. Ristau supports her staff in excelling with the provision of a team-based mental health services to promote growth and progress of areas affected by emotional, behavioral and learning challenges.  She also maintains a limited outpatient psychotherapy practice through the PrairieCare Pediatric Integrative Medicine clinic.  Areas of expertise include mood disorders (e.g., depression), anxiety disorders (e.g., social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder), ADHD, high functioning developmental disabilities including Autism Spectrum Disorders, habit/tic disorders, psychosomatic or stress-related disturbances, chronic/acute pain and medical procedural stress, as well as core daily functioning challenges such as those related to toileting, sleeping, or eating difficulties.

Dr. Ristau additionally maintains a private LLC business through which she enjoys tackling occasional projects involving consultation, training, writing, and advisory-type roles such as for product development related to her areas of expertise.  Dr. Ristau is married and has two children and is the first to admit that she is regularly humbled by the challenges and joys of parenting. She prioritizes taking active steps to keeping life grounded, real, healthy, and fun.  Laughter and love are at the center of her daily living.


Diagnostic Clarification for Depressive and Anxiety disorders
Learning Disabilities
High Functioning Autism
Learning Style and Memory
Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
Habit Issues (hair pulling, skin picking)

Additional Info

Children: Yes
Adolescents: Yes
Adults: No