Cindy Spicuzza, PhD, LP

Pediatric Neuropsychologist


Doctorate Degree: School Psychology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
Bachelor’s Degree: Child Development, University of Minnesota
Internship: Clinical Child Psychology, Children’s Hospital, Minneapolis, MN
Residency: Pediatric Neuropsychology, Children’s Hospital, Minneapolis, MN
Licensure: Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Spicuzza earned her doctoral degree in educational psychology from the University of Minnesota.  After completing her post-doctoral pediatric neuropsychology fellowship in 1996, she remained on staff at Children’s Hospitals for several years before moving into private practice.  In 2009, she joined PrairieCare Medical Group, where she is a private contractor specializing in neurocognitive and diagnostic assessment of children and young adults. Through comprehensive testing and clinical interview, she aims to obtain a thorough understanding of a child’s unique cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning in order to inform intervention planning and help that child succeed. Dr. Spicuzza accepts referrals from neurology, psychiatry, and select primary care physicians.


Neurologically-related problems in children, including:
Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Acquired Brain Injury
Certain Medical and Psychiatric Conditions

Additional Info

Children, Adolescents: Yes
Adults: No