Happy Doctor’s Day!

Mar 29, 2016 by PrairieCare Team

Make an Appointment for Appreciation—

The end of March marks the end of winter weather here in Minnesota and the beginning of spring time sights and sounds.  At PrairieCare, the end of March also marks a time for us all to show our appreciation to the physicians that contribute so much to our patients, families, and communities.

Doctor’s Day had humble beginning on March 30, 1933 when it was first celebrated in Winder, Georgia as a recognition of the first administration of anesthesia. Dr. Charles B. Almond and his wife Eudora, celebrate the doctors in their community by sending out greeting cards and red carnations.  From there, this small town recognition grew into a national movement in 1990 when President George H. Bush proclaimed March 30th of every year to be National Doctor’s Day.

Celebrating the hard work of these individuals is something that PrairieCare takes pride in.  Our physicians lead the way in the psychiatric treatment in the community.  These individuals not only spend time taking care of the patients here, but they all are actively involved in organizations that better the field of psychiatry. As a University of Minnesota Affiliate, our physicians take an active role in developing and educating the psychiatrists of the future, participate in research, and serve as university faculty.

Please take a moment this week, to thank your doctor for their continued commitment to improving the health and wellness of the individuals and communities they serve.

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