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“This place can actually help… you can meet great, accepting people who will teach you didn’t know you needed. I became my best self in there while experiencing the worst time of my life…”

PrairieCare Maple Grove

PrairieCare established a site in Maple Grove in 2011 that was the initial home of the PrairieCare inpatient psychiatric hospital. When that program moved to Brooklyn Park, residential treatment was established in the same site. PrairieCare Residential Services (formerly Paragon Residential Treatment for Youth) is the flagship program in this site; intensive outpatient programs and limited clinic services also operate here.

PrairieCare Residential Services


“I’m so thankful that you were here for us… we finally have our kid back.”

PrairieCare Residential Services

PrairieCare Residential Services (formerly Paragon Residential Treatment for Youth) was established in early 2017 to help serve the needs and amplify the strengths of youth and families in Minnesota. Informed by psychodynamic theory and guided by DBT skills, this facility focuses on helping youth and families build lives that are sustainable, enriching, and meaningful. We are committed to providing high quality, compassionate residential care to children and adolescents with intensive psychiatric needs.

Length of Stay
Average length of stay is about three months.

Treatment is provided through the following ways:

  • Individual therapy twice a week
  • Family therapy weekly
  • Family education sessions
  • Psychiatric visits weekly
  • Weekly health consults
  • Activity and Recreational activities
  • Daily skills groups
  • DBT group four times a week
  • Academic schooling provided by licensed teachers

Sample Schedule
7:00: Wake up
7:30: Breakfast
8:00: Mindfulness
8:30: School
11:00: Skills Group
12:00: Lunch
12:30: School
4:00: Mindfulness / Recreation group
5:00: Dinner
6:00: Leisure / Visiting
8:00: Diary Card time / Nighttime Routine
9:00: Bedtime

Refer to Residential
To refer a client to PrairieCare Residential Services, please email the following information to

  • Diagnostic Assessment from the last six months
  • Last month of therapy notes and/or psychiatry notes
  • Letter from a mental health professional recommending residential placement
  • Name and contact information of child’s guardian(s)
  • Insurance information

You can also fax this information to: Admissions at 763.383.5802.

PrairieCare Residential Services Outcomes, 2019

Professionals at our Maple Grove Location




  • Innocent Osano, RN

Social Work

Residential Counselor Shout Out!
Ricky Coles is relatively new to working in children’s mental health. He’s been with PrairieCare Residential for about a year, after working in sales for 12 years. He enjoys playing games and sports with kids, as well as teaching mindfulness, emotional regulation and distress tolerance skills.

Contact Information

Address:12915 63rd Ave N
Maple Grove, MN 55369
Site Operations Director: Elliot Borgstahl
Medical Director:Kyle Cedermark, MD
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