Thursday, January 8th• 9am to 12pmPrairieCare Education Series – January 2020 Resources

Meeting in the Intersection: Expressions of Spirituality in Psychotherapy. Exploration of a Transpersonal Perspective

Lora Matz, LICSW

Description: Meeting In the Intersection: Expressions of Spirituality in Psychotherapy: Exploration of a Transpersonal Perspective

Existential questions related to freedom, death, and the search for meaning inevitably open up spiritual issues. Psychotherapy that addresses life’s deepest questions has profound spiritual implications.   “Psychotherapy is the art, science, and practice of studying the nature of consciousness and of what may reduce or facilitate it.” – James Bugental, Psychotherapy and Process (1978).

Those who have experienced trauma, depression, anxiety or other mental health challenges frequently struggle with questions around meaning. Trauma by its very nature creates an existential crisis, which by its’ very nature is both a psychological and spiritual crisis.

Psychotherapy that addresses life’s deepest questions has profound spiritual implications. Just as we can no longer afford to divorce body from psyche and have a greater understanding than ever before of the mind-body connection, we cannot afford to divorce psyche from the spirit.

We have all experienced moments of being touched by something larger than ourselves. Something that seems to transcend our understanding and experience of the everyday world.  Unfortunately, those in helping professions seldom talk about these experiences and don’t know what to do with them when they are presented by those they work with. They then miss a profound opportunity to help clients begin to see their world through a wider lens.  How can we begin to have conversations with others based on spirituality beyond religion?

In the world of Jungian Psychotherapy and some forms of depth psychology these questions are usually met and seen as core and pivotal to healing. Trauma is viewed as a form of soul loss.  Lora will help you to better understand this growing paradigm and the role of spiritual psychology, often referred to as Transpersonal Development in understanding of the whole person. She will also discuss how working with a mindfulness based practice of presence, as well as work with dreams, symbols and archetypes can help facilitate profound and deep growth and healing in ourselves as well as those who come to us for help.

Objectives: Upon completion of the activity, participants should:

  • Come away with an increased understanding of the growing field of Transpersonal Development
  • Have a general knowledge of the different stages and states of consciousness and the ability to identify markers of each stage and their impact on limiting beliefs and other challenges
  • Understand how to work effectively with others utilizing dreams, symbols, drawings and other approaches.

Understand how children exhibit a connection with the spiritual world and how to support them.

Thank you for attending January’s PrairieCare Education Series!

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You guys are amazing to work with and were a light in a time of sadness, devastation, and darkness for both my daughter and I. Everyone has both been so kind and understanding to my daughter and I during this process and I can’t thank PrairieCare enough. I feel like I’m getting my little girl back and feel as though we both have the resources and coping skills to get through this. I can tell the staff at PrarieCare really cares about their patients and their families! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

Anonymous , Parent

I am very grateful that I was respected. Being called my preferred name and pronouns made my time in Prariecare much more bearable

Anonymous, Patient