PrairieCare Education Series July 2021

“Dismantling Systems of Harm: Racial Trauma in the Classroom and in the Clinic”
Panel Presenters: Asfia Qaadir, DO, Jenna Kamholz MS, NCC, LPCC, Mary Onchiri, Yolonda Rogers, and Tessneem Abdallah

Description: July is BIPOC mental health awareness month.  This event will focus specifically on racial trauma and how it relates to BIPOC children’s mental health in particular.  There is a gap in current pedagogy and clinical practice standards that creates gaps in learning, development and growth.  With current practices as is, we are losing our youth and reinforcing historical racial trauma. This presentation will provide teachers and clinicians with the tools necessary to deconstruct current harmful practices and build a culture that is trauma informed and promotes healthy development for our most vulnerable youth.

Learning Objectives- After this event you will gain an understanding of:

  • The history of racial trauma in the classroom and healthcare settings
  • The biology of trauma and why this matters in the classroom and in treatment
  • What you as a teacher or healthcare provider can do about it
  • Resources for ongoing learning/application

BIOS: Dr. Qaadir originally hails from Ohio prior to moving to Chicago where she completed her high school, college, and medical school degrees.   She has called Minnesota her home since 2010, completing her residency and subspecialty training in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry from May Clinic Rochester. She has a clinical interest in understanding the impact of mental health on the development of individual identify, resiliency, and family dynamics. She approaches the treatment of young people with mental illness from a collaborative perspective, working within a multidisciplinary treatment team to strengthen and empower families. She has an educational interest in teaching and mentoring students and trainees.

Asfia Qaadir D.O. is a board certified Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist, currently serving as the Clinical Director of PrairieCare -Maplewood’s Partial Hospitalization and Outpatient Clinic programs and DEI Clinical Consultant. Having completed residency and fellowship training at Mayo Clinic Rochester, she approaches the treatment of patients using a biopsychosocial model rooted in early childhood development. Given the current epidemic of teen suicide and worsening public mental health crisis, understanding and treating racial trauma is a core clinical competency she hopes to continue learning and teaching.

Mary Onchiri works at Prairie Care as a Psychiatric Technician. She will be starting the dual MSW/MPH program at the University of Minnesota in the fall with hopes of conducting research to address mental health disparities. In her free time, Mary enjoys playing with her cats and spending time with family.

Yolonda Rogers MPNA, MSW, LGSW currently serves as an Inpatient Social Worker with PrairieCare, and a Mental Health Support Specialist with Minneapolis Public Schools. She holds dual licenses with the Minnesota Board of Social Work as a Licensed Graduate Social Worker and with the Minnesota Professional Licensing and Standards Board as a Licensed School Social Worker. She earned her bachelor’s degree from University of Saint Thomas in social work and family studies, and completed master’s degrees from Metropolitan State University in public and nonprofit administration and from University of Georgia in clinical social work. Additionally, she has a wealth of interdisciplinary educational and professional experience in social work and mental health, public and nonprofit administration, and secondary and post-secondary education.

Jenna Kamholz, MS, NCC, LPCC is a Minnesota Licensed Profession Clinical Counselor. She currently works at PrairieCare Partial Hospitalization Program in Maplewood, MN. Jenna’s clinical practice and certifications center around trauma and children’s mental health.

Tessneem Abdallah is a MS Anatomy candidate at Des Moines University with a background in clinical research focused on neurophysiology. She is a social justice advocate and community organizer and is interested in health equity.

Special thanks to Tahnahga Yako for her contributions, guidance, and support in the preparation of today’s event. Tahnahga Yako is Mohawk, Taino and Ojibwa who was adopted into the lineage of her grandmother Keewaydinoquay. Tahnahga is a cultural liaison/chaplain at PrairieCare, sharing traditional cultural practices that promote healing for our indigenous youth.  She has worked in serving the American Indian community locally and within the Great Lakes region.  She is a member of the Elders council for the American Indian Family Center.  She has worked for many years with the Twin Cities American Indian Community as a Chemical Dependency Counselor, within the American Indian Community as a HIV/AIDS outreach worker, and as an herbalist, activist, and workshop leader.  Tahnahga also works as an Assistant Trainer in the Circle Training/Restorative Justice Field doing trainings at the college of WaterLoo in Ontario, Canada.

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You guys are amazing to work with and were a light in a time of sadness, devastation, and darkness for both my daughter and I. Everyone has both been so kind and understanding to my daughter and I during this process and I can’t thank PrairieCare enough. I feel like I’m getting my little girl back and feel as though we both have the resources and coping skills to get through this. I can tell the staff at PrarieCare really cares about their patients and their families! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

Anonymous , Parent

I am very grateful that I was respected. Being called my preferred name and pronouns made my time in Prariecare much more bearable

Anonymous, Patient