Thursday, May 7, 2020

PrairieCare Education Series – May 2020 Resources

Title: “Maximizing the Capacity to Grow and Thrive in Challenging Times”

Presenter: Lora Matz, LICSW, PrairieCare


  • Have you made the transition from self-comfort to self-care to deep and sustaining self-compassion and inner nourishment?
  • Are you consuming too much social media, and news, or are you fueling yourself with restorative practices?
  • Are you able to find the pause button within yourself when your mind turns on the worry channel? Do you know how to easily switch channels in your brain and why that is more important than ever?
  • Are you aware of all the subtle and not so subtle ways you may be trying to manage your anxiety and even sabotaging yourself without knowing it?

Would you like to learn ways to disarm fear and uncertainty?

Never before has it been this imperative for humanity to evolve. Without a radical change of heart, greater consciousness and increased awareness our lives devolve rather than continue to evolve. Many individuals on the planet live impoverished lives. Humanity is in grave danger of destroying itself and its environment. This workshop is designed to help you evolve personally using tools to increase self-awareness and practices to disarm fear and uncertainty.

Attitude is Everything. Stillness is a powerful spiritual discipline, but paralysis is a feeling of being stuck in uncertainty. This is all too real for many in this chaotic season. We can make a powerful choice to free ourselves from paralysis. We will consider our time together as intentionally moving into retreat—a time of introspection and turning inward. During this session you will have the opportunity to gain more self-awareness and practice radical self-acceptance. You will learn and practice several tools to help you grow deep in this season of uncertainty and chaos.


  • Gain in increased self-awareness
  • Learn specific strategies designed to help you disarm fear and uncertainty
  • Come away with ways to feel increasingly calm and more comfortable in the unknown


You guys are amazing to work with and were a light in a time of sadness, devastation, and darkness for both my daughter and I. Everyone has both been so kind and understanding to my daughter and I during this process and I can’t thank PrairieCare enough. I feel like I’m getting my little girl back and feel as though we both have the resources and coping skills to get through this. I can tell the staff at PrarieCare really cares about their patients and their families! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

Anonymous , Parent

I am very grateful that I was respected. Being called my preferred name and pronouns made my time in Prariecare much more bearable

Anonymous, Patient