Postdoctoral Psychology Fellowship available now!

Nov 21, 2022 by Amy Swingle, PsyD., LP

We are excited to announce that our applications for the Postdoctoral Psychology Fellowship are now available! It will take place in the Twin Cities metro at multiple locations throughout the PrairieCare system of care with our diverse patient base. We have a saying here at PrairieCare that our organization is a “place with purpose,” and we want to provide that opportunity to our training opportunities as well! Read more about the training program as well as access our resources toward the bottom that detail the entire process.


What will the training include? 

The program is focused on the training and development of psychological assessment and testing skills across a continuum of care. Curriculum is focused on skill development across the assessment process for a variety of conditions, such as neurodevelopmental disorders, mood disorders, and cognitive concerns. Overall, it will entail each step of the assessment process, observations of the supervisor and trainees, opportunities for case collaboration, report review, and ample opportunities for continued education.  

The training will include opportunities to learn and grow an understanding of current practices in psychology to serve the needs of patients and communities. Our goal is to prepare you to begin an independent practice in psychological testing and assessment in your preferred level of care. Through this program, it is adapted to be an individual experience to reach that goal. As the training year progresses you will have the opportunity to adapt the training to focus on a specific area of assessment and on a certain level of care.  

A complete list of training activities is listed in our Postdoctoral Psychology Fellowship brochure.


What makes PrairieCare unique?  

PrairieCare is a psychiatric care facility that has mental health services for youth, adolescents, and adults at seven locations in the Twin Cities metro area as well as Mankato and Rochester. Our system has a full continuum of care including outpatient clinic, intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization, inpatient hospitalization, and residential care. We are guided by core values of integrity, compassion, and determination to provide each individual patient with the psychiatric care they truly need and to transform psychiatric healthcare

“I think the most unique and fulfilling opportunity our program offers is the ability to learn to text across nearly all levels of care in the mental health system and training with a very diverse range of diagnoses,” says Dr. Amy Swingle, Licensed Psychologist and Psychology Training Supervisor.  

At PrairieCare many of our team members enjoy working on a multi-disciplinary team where different professionals throughout our system provides efficient and effective care for the patient. Through the fellowship you will have the opportunity to experience this daily through communication, consultation, and an optional opportunity to work with our Center for Integrative Mental Health.  

Who is the program for?  

The fellowship requires completion of an APA accredited doctorate program in Psychology (PhD, PsyD, EdD) as well as an internship program associated with the doctorate program. A strong foundation and qualifications to meet standards in administering and interpreting psychological tests at a level that is expected from a postdoctoral, unlicensed psychologist. It is preferred that an applicant has a knowledge of a full range of acuity of adult, adolescent, and/or child psychological disorders.  

Communication is an important factor to our team where every voice is valuable to ensure the best care for our patients and their families. An applicant must demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication that can be easily translated for the general public to understand. Along with communication, a strong team member can be agile when a situation calls for it. This includes effective decisions in the moment that are culturally responsive, trauma informed, respectful, and accepting which will be developed throughout the program. 

Are you interested in taking the next step? 

The training year will start on August 28, 2023. Please make sure to apply before December 14th, 2022 at 5pm CST, otherwise your application will not be considered. Go to the link below which best fits your needs:  

If you have further questions that have not been answered, contact Dr. Amy Swingle at 

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