PrairieCare Education Series JUne 2022

Gender Identity: Advanced Clinical Skills

Bio: Janet is an LICSW therapist with a vibrant private practice in South Minneapolis. In 2009, Janet founded and held the role of Executive Director and lead therapist at RECLAIM, a non-profit whose mission is to increase access to mental health support so that queer and transgender youth might reclaim their lives from oppression in all its forms. Janet provides engaging trainings that are solidly grounded in real examples of clinical work, does not shy away from complexity, and holds a safe space for learning for all participants.

Description: This training is geared toward practitioners who have existing clinical experience providing therapeutic support for clients around gender identity and presumes a foundational understanding of terminology, etc.  We will explore the complexities of our role as “gatekeepers” (actual and perceived) with clients who may be seeking our support to access medical care.  Actual client scenarios with a high degree of complexity will be deconstructed as we reflect on the tension between our positional power, professional responsibility, and client autonomy.  Small group break out groups will offer the chance to go into more depth with client scenarios and give and receive experiential knowledge from colleagues. Participants will also receive information on drafting effective and respectful letters of support for surgeries, including for non-binary clients.

Learning Objectives: Participants will…

  • Identify 3 areas of potential challenge in working with children, couples and those with significant mental health/trauma histories
  • Understand necessary criteria for writing letters of support for surgery that will be accepted by insurance
  • Create a personal statement reflecting practitioner stance in relationship to power and decision making regarding medical care