Before an Appointment
• Check your medications to see if you need to refill any. If you do, tell your healthcare provider at your upcoming appointment.
• If you have enough medication until your appointment, do not call for a refill. Your medication may be changed when you go to your scheduled appointment.

Prescription Refills
• When you need your prescription refilled, please call your pharmacy. You do not need to call your clinic. It is important to call your pharmacy two to three business days before you are out of medicine.

Other Tips
• Your prescription may be faxed to your pharmacy from your clinic. If you receive a paper prescription, be sure to take that with you to your pharmacy when you pickup your prescription.
• Your prescription may say “no refills”. This can sometimes happen if a new order is received and the prescription number is different. The pharmacy may put the order on hold or in a file. You may still have refills available at your pharmacy. They will fill the new prescription when you call them for a refill. If needed, have them check your profile. If they do not have orders, they will call your clinic.
• Allow 2-3 business days for refill requests
• Refills are not available after clinic hours

If you have any questions about the medications you are taking, please talk with your healthcare provider or pharmacist.