After-School Program Hours

  • Healthy Emotions Program: Monday – Thursday, 3:30pm to 6:30pm

Length of stay

  • 6 week program


Additional questions?

Please email or call:
Ellen Wied, MS, LPCC, Operations Supervisor

PrairieCare & University of Minnesota’s Partnership to Bridge the Research to Practice Gap

In 2014, PrairieCare and a team from the University of Minnesota embarked upon an exciting partnership to develop, implement, and evaluate new programs founded on research-based therapy practices. This community-university partnership integrated University of Minnesota researchers’ knowledge of current evidence based practices (EBPs) with PrairieCare providers’ considerable experience-based expertise to tailor EBPs to best fit the needs of PrairieCare’s clients and PrairieCare’s practice structure.

  • The result was a new intensive outpatient program:

The team utilized a rigorous training, technical assistance, fidelity monitoring, and outcome measurement strategy to promote the integrity and quality of services provided and to evaluate the effectiveness of the new programs. The initiative was extremely successful.

  • Both programs continue to be offered and have become part of the standard continuum of care at PrairieCare.
  • You can read more about the results of the study below, as well as additional projects that are currently underway:

This community-university partnership is pioneering new models of effective service delivery that are greatly improving the lives of youth and their families. We look forward to continuing to share the results of this important partnership.