Healthy Eating and Living (HEaL)

The journey of physical growth and psychological development is both exciting and challenging for adolescents and young adults. During this complex biological, psychological, and social change, unhealthy eating and living patterns can emerge. If ignored, unbalanced nutrition, along with mental health and relationship problems, can undermine self-confidence and lead to devastating results. The HEaL Program creates an atmosphere of acceptance and growth in physical, psychological, and social health.

Our clinical experts will create an individualized treatment plan focused on your health while engaging support from family, medical, academic, and work communities as needed.

Program Mission

The HEaL program employs a Family Based Therapy (Maudsley) approach. This intensive outpatient method helps families play an active and positive role in restoring nutrition to developmentally appropriate levels. Eventually, this approach aims to hand nutritional control
back to the adolescent or young adult. Ultimately, we will help you build confidence in your plan to maintain healthy development and a balanced lifestyle.


Monday through Friday – 8:30am to 3:00pm

Length Of Stay:

6 to 8 weeks based on individual needs



Services are provided by the following professionals:

Social Worker


Adolescent to Young Adults

Please call (507) 218-3701 for more information.

Treatment Team Includes:

Christopher Wall, MD
Jaime Leimer-Decker, LICSW
Amy Roethler, RDN, LD