The University of Minnesota School of Nursing Launches Collaboratory with PrairieCare

Nov 22, 2022 by Mandy Dageford, MSN, RN-BC, CENP

We are honored to announce that we have launched a Collaboratory with the University of Minnesota School of Nursing! We will provide an environment for nursing students to explore the diversity and engagement of a mental health treatment setting, with the added enrichment of our experienced Psychiatrists and Clinicians. This will include site based clinicals, internships, and enhanced opportunities to work toward Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) among the full continuum of care we provide to our diverse patient population.  

“This partnership broadens career opportunities for nurses, laying the foundation for more engaging careers and better patient care,” said Todd Archbold, CEO of PrairieCare.  

This unique opportunity for undergraduate nursing programs to immerse themselves into the mental health setting has not been accomplished before. We will also be able to share information between the organizations to advance research toward evidence-based nursing practice, specific to mental health. Together we are increasing opportunities for nurses as well as quality care for patients now and into the future. This is just the beginning of where we feel this partnership can go and we will continue to explore opportunities to fit the needs of nursing students and mental healthcare.  

The Collaboratory will unite two organizations that have a shared vision and mutual goal in excellence toward their patients, families and the community. As our CEO Todd Archbold says, “We are stronger together.”  

We look forward to how this partnership will positively impact nurses in the future as well as the education that will transform the mental health landscape in Minnesota and beyond. It is a working example of how PrairieCare is actively working toward our vision of transforming psychiatric healthcare.  

“The creation of this partnership came from like-minded leaders, united in our values, and our passion for high-quality care,” said Todd Archbold.  

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