TMS Clinic Hours: Monday thru Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is an evidence based non-invasive procedure used for the treatment of medication resistant depression. Through the use of a Brainsway helmet, pulsating magnetic fields are used to increase activity in the frontal lobe of the brain with the goal of total remission from symptoms of depression. The use of TMS for treatment of depression has been found to be not only highly effective in reducing symptoms, but also cost effective for patients. To be eligible for TMS treatment patients must have a diagnosis of Major Depression, recurrent, severe. Patient must also must have tried four medications without improvement and a sufficient trial of evidence-based psychotherapy.

  • 30-37 Treatments over 8-12 weeks, as recommended by TMS doctors
  • Appointments typically last 45 minutes
  • In addition to TMS treatment, patients will meet with a TMS doctor regularly throughout treatment
  • Please refer to the “TMS Roadmap” for a more detailed description of a typical TMS treatment at PrairieCare.

The completion of a phone screen and TMS Doctor Referral Form is required to schedule a TMS consultation. If you have questions regarding TMS please contact a TMS coordinator at 952.737.4510 or at .

The TMS Road Map is an example of a typical course of treatment.

TMS psychiatrist will customize your treatment plan accordingly.